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Welcome To Yorga's Veintastic Women Page

It has been my pleasure to introduce you to the wonderful world of vascular women. I am Yorga, your host and guide. There is little on the net that is devoted to the blue flowing rivers of sweet nectar that run like many cords on the female form. I dedicate this site to those that see beauty in a females bulging blue veined body. I certainly hope that you enjoy it as much as I. Perhaps someone out there can take what "Yorga's Veintastic Women" and "Livinghighways" attempted and carry it beyond what we managed to achieve. Perhaps someday we shall boldly go where no other vein site has gone. Until then,

Yorga! V^^V

Yorga's Lastest updates!
Updated 3/25/06
dedicated to beautiful veined vixens!

Vampire Pics
dedicated to my other vice!

Sexy, long, blue veined necks.

Vein Pulse of the Month!

While this downloads put on a seat belt :)  An idea I got from The VVC. More to come!

Vascular Models or Pic submission.

The Veinmeister is always looking for new blood. Think you have what it takes to make the Veintastic Photo Page? Are you the next "Flavor of the Month?" If you are female, have very visible veins on your arms, hands or neck, live in the VA, NC, SC, TN area and would like to model for Yorga's Veintastic Women, then please email with a recent photo attachment.

If you already have pics showing your veined hands, arms or neck and would like them posted on the Veintastic web site then submit via email to the Veinmeister.

email Veinmeister Yorga

9-11-01, We will never forget!

Let your fingers do the walking!

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